Trekking the world, one mountain at a time ¦ April Update

As part of Pamoja's 'Business for Good' strategy, we support good causes that are close to our hearts. One such amazing cause is the Christopher Angus Fund, which you can learn more about here.  Each month, Michael Angus, co-founder of the Fund, guest blogs to tell us about his progress to trek the world, one challenge at a time.

Finally, getting things back on track – March has been a considerably improved month, in a variety of ways.

Training has decidedly shifted gear. Racked up 715 minutes training, that’s 36 miles approximately. Not quite back to full training - that would be closer to at least 1000 minutes per month, but it’s a considerable improvement from the previous months. Since completing the Rockies trek in September last year, the most I’ve managed has been 690 minutes, and that was in November. The rest were in the mid 500/high 400s. So, feeling pleased with myself, even if somewhat tired – the focus is back. Aiming to break the 1000 minute mark for April, and keep to it as proper prep for Grand Canyon trek.


As well as training, I’ve been planning: the proposed trek along Hadrian’s Wall is booked, for June. Six days trekking, from East to West, averaging about 10 miles per day – not as tough as the West Highland Way, but it is training after all, and a holiday, so taking things relatively easy (which sounds somewhat smug, but I think I’m entitled – two years ago I could hardly walk a mile……some smugness allowed I think…). Other training is currently being planned for the summer, details to follow.

As regards fundraising, I’ve registered my charity walk: ‘GLASSGOW’ with Glasgow Doors Open Day, so hopefully this will be endorsed by them, and included in their official schedule. I’ve also discussed with my band, ‘The Substitutes’, about doing a charity gig, and this will likely be in June.


So things are moving on, which is all to the good – the post Rockies lull is over. Head and heart and motoring again, more in tandem, and I’m feeling all the better for it. It’s inevitable that lulls occur, I’m trying not to beat myself up too much about things not done; every step counts, literally and metaphorically, reminding myself of this absolute truism. Thinking ahead, the plan is to be better prepared for future lulls, which will doubtless occur after Hadrian’s Wall, and certainly after the Grand Canyon – there has been lull after every trek, but I’m getting stronger with each one, both physically and mentally, so here’s hoping, with a little bit of pre planning and a whole lot of positive thinking that these lulls shall learn their place – and I can keep on walking, further and faster with each challenge faced.

Thank you for reading,
March 2018