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introducing our new contribution tracing masterclass

The Contribution Tracing Masterclass is a new idea in impact evaluation training.  Each Masterclass is strictly limited to just 3 learners, offering a uniquely personal, learning experience. The Masterclass takes a creative approach to teaching the knowledge and skills required to design and implement an impact evaluation using Contribution Tracing. The Masterclass provides learners with a clear Contribution Tracing protocol, including useful tools and tips.


working with care uk international

Pamoja is currently leading a learning partnership with CARE to support them to better capture the effects of their inclusive governance work, through improved monitoring and evaluation. Get all the very latest on this project...


giving means business!

Giving back is important to us. In 2017, we are delighted to be supporting two great causes - Buy One, Give One; and the Christopher Angus Fund. You can learn more about our giving programme by clicking here

This month we spotlight the amazing fundraising trek by Michael Angus to the Artic circle...